#Isolationbaking: receita de salpicaõ, Portugal

From fishermen to the highest nobility: today #isolationbaking suggests a recipe found on a note in the Paço de Calheiros, the Palace of Calheiros, a 17th-century Baroque manorhouse belonging to the Calheiros family, one of the oldest in Portugal. We don’t know who wrote this note for the “receita de salpicaõ”, nor when: but it is to these days a very popular recipe:

2 chicken or turkey breast
2 carrots
2 green apple (Granny Smith)
½ pineapple
1 onion
1 can of green corn
1 can of peas
200 grams of palm heart
100 grams of pitted olives
100 grams of raisin
3 celery
4 slices of ham
1 red pepper
2 packets of potato straw
Black pepper

The first step in the salpicão recipe is to cook the chicken / turkey in salted water, if it is not already cooked. Then shred or cut into cubes and set aside.
Grate the carrots, cut the apple, pineapple and ham into pieces, chop the olives, celery stems, onion, heart of palm and pepper.
Pour all ingredients, including chicken / turkey, into a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and add the mayonnaise to the spoons, stirring, until the salpicão is to your liking.
Pour into a serving bowl, decorate with fruit and green scent, and serve your sausage . Enjoy your food!

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 18.08.57

This is not a direct translation of the original recipe preserved at the Arquivo Municipal de Ponte de Lima, but a modern take; however, we will be happy to publish any transcription of the original!

You can find the original here: https://www.archivesportaleurope.net/pt/ead-display/-/ead/pl/aicode/PT-00000028652/type/fa/id/PT_SLASH_PC_SLASH_FAM_SLASH_APC/unitid/PT_SLASH_PC_SLASH_FAM_SLASH_APC_SLASH_B-A_SLASH_20_SLASH_0049/search/3/PT_SLASH_PC_SLASH_FAM_SLASH_APC_SLASH_B-A_SLASH_20_SLASH_0049

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