#Raccontiamolaresistenza: online marathon to celebrate 25 April in Italy

The Italian National Institute Ferruccio Parri and other 65 institutions launched in March a social media campaign called #RaccontiamolaResistenza (Let’s tell the Resistance) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the last weeks Italian citizens, organized groups and public institutions have posted many video, audio and written contributions on the Facebook page: a terrific amount of material proving the value of the Liberation struggle and providing new resources about the Resistance, following a serious documentary approach.

This campaign gained important partnerships: all the partizans and veterans associations, the most important historical societies, the network Paesaggi della Memoria, Rai Storia, Rai Cultura, Corriere della Sera. It operates in parallel with the other big campaigns in Italy (Caritas-CRI, ANPI-Repubblica, Istituto Cervi), for a big collective celebration of 25 April, as it’s its nature and spirit.

On 25 April 2020 at 9AM we will celebrate Liberation Day with a marathon-handover from institute to institute, from Catania to Trieste, to tell the Liberation of the entire country. Many testimonials will take part in the celebration: Roberta Biagiarelli, Claudio Bisio, Vinicio Capossela, Carlo Lucarelli, Michela Murgia, Patrizio Roversi, Igiaba Scego, Antonio Scurati, Roberto Vecchioni, Massimo Zamboni, and many more (complete list on the Facebook page).

We stay at home but we can still celebrate the 25 of April!

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