#BakingFriday: Nigerian soft buns, from Spanish archives

It’s #bakingfriday today! For this #isolationbaking we found the travel diaries of the noblewoman María de las Nieves de Portugal, daughter of exiled Miguel of Portugal and his wife Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, titular Queen consort (she was married to Alfonso Carlos of Bourbon) of Spain, France, and Navarre.

In 1912 the Infanta travelled to Central Africa, keeping a diary which provides accurate descriptions of the landscape, the people, the flora and fauna, the hotels where they resided, as well as the conversations with her travel companions. It is possible to read the whole diary online at:
Courtesy of the Archivo Histórico Nacional and PARES.

The last two pages of the diary are dedicated to an unnamed recipe that we think are the Nigerian soft buns:

Whisk 2 egg yolks for 10 minutes.
Add 2 table spoons of flour and some sugar.
Boil some milk and add to the mixture; whisk again and well.

The recipe ends here, but you should then create small balls from the dough and fry them.


2 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this interesting document. I’ve been reading it and I could observe a small difference in your translation.
    Below you can find an alternative translation that could be more accurate:
    2 egg yolks (beat them for 10 minutes)
    Add 2 tbsp of flour, some sugar and whisk again
    After this it seems like she crossed out what she wrote about the milk, but in the next page she wrote the rest of the recipe: boil milk and add it to the previous mixture. Beat well.
    After this she indicated something that have no sense (“and then in a ¿shape? Or a cup make”) and seems incomplete, but the result should be a thick dough that you can fry


  2. Thanks very much for your note and suggestion. We’ve updated the translation now.


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