Caneja de Infundice: an #isolationbaking only for the brave

Our #isolationbaking feature today is only for the brave. The Câmara Municipal de Sintra archives hold the recipe for the rare but traditional Caneja de “Infundice”. It is amongst the papers of local politician and anti-dictatorship activist José Alfredo da Costa Azevedo, and it is perfect if you feel like having a meal outside the box, with a strong tradition to uphold, and a dash of political struggle. But please note that it is very important that you find yourself in a place with excellent ventilation!

Infundice literally means “barrel of urine in which very dirty clothes are soaked, so that they can be washed more easily later.” You take the fresh caneja (the common smooth-hound), wrap it in a cloth, and place it in a dark and cool place, like a drawer, or the bottom of your fridge (in a plastic bag, or you will have to throw the fridge away afterwards). The fish will ooze a very intense ammoniac smell; however, if you resist for 15 days, then you can simply boil it until the meat turns white, and serve it with potatoes. All fishermen in the Sintra area swear that it is delicious, and they have been cooking it for centuries, since one of their ancestors forgot a caneja under a bag of dirty rugs, and after two weeks discovered that not only the fish was not spoiled, but that the meat had turned delicious.

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