UNESCO: resources for Documentary Heritage professionals

Documentary heritage is an important resource for providing quality information and a historical perspective on how global health emergencies have been addressed in the past. UNESCO, through the Memory of the World (MoW) Programme, stands ready to support all Member States and memory institutions in their efforts to preserve and ensure public access to official records related to COVID-19. As part of this, they feature initiatives that harness the scientific, educational and artistic potential of documentary heritage to address the pandemic.

UNESCO together with its partners has issued a statement, “Turning the threat of COVID-19 into an opportunity for greater support to documentary heritage” urging for greater support to documentary heritage during the COVID-19 crisis. It lays out four key areas of action for Member States, memory institutions as well as the greater public to ensure the effective use of documentary heritage in addressing the pandemic.

Read more and find the list of resources available for Documentary Heritage professionals here: https://en.unesco.org/covid19/communicationinformationresponse/documentaryheritage

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