“Controlled Vocabularies and SKOS” training materials now available

OEAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences) in conjunction with DARIAH-EU have announced the launch of a free online training module entitled ‘Controlled Vocabularies and SKOS’, available now on DARIAH-Campus.

The module, which was developed by the Austrian Centre for Digital  Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH) of the OEAW within the Project “Training Digital Scholars: Knowledge Exchange between V4 and Austria” funded by the Visegrad Fund, offers theoretical background and practical applications of controlled vocabularies and SKOS, and how it can help researchers to organise, query, retrieve, and link resources.
The module guides users through these issues, with exercises and quizzes to help learners check their knowledge along the way.

Visit the new “Controlled Vocabularies and SKOS” module: https://campus.dariah.eu/resource/controlled-vocabularies-and-skos

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