Handy Open Science and DH tools for distance learning

DARIAH‘s Open Science Officer, Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, compiled a list of Open Science and DH tools that could be valuable additions to any distant learning setting, regardless of the institutional setting.

She comments: “As a response to the challenges ahead, suddenly online became the default means of teaching for the great majority of European schools and higher education institutions. It is clear that the thoughtful use of online technologies will play an even more critical role in our everyday life, work or social. In response to the immediate challenges coming with the rapid switch to online-only teaching systems, a variety of crowdsourced collections started to float around on Twitter, blogs and other online platforms.”

In DARIAH Open you can find solutions that you can flexibly repurpose for your and your students’ needs as well as timely quality responses to the time of corona.

Complete list here: https://dariahopen.hypotheses.org/818

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