EuropeanaTech Insight: issue on 3D

The latest issue of EuropeanaTech Insight is focused on 3D and how to increase the availability of 3D content in Europeana.

3D is rapidly becoming one of digital cultural heritage’s leading formats and is an area where many institutions are building capacity and discussing approaches and principles. High-resolution 3D digitisation of archaeological monuments and historic buildings has become widespread for research, conservation and management; and 3D digitisation of museum objects is increasingly common. The take-up of 3D technology is bringing new opportunities for the sector – institutions are offering innovative and engaging ways for people to access heritage content for education, tourism and personal enjoyment. While 3D is helping the sector to address some challenges it is also throwing up new ones – how best to embrace 3D given access to new technologies and the speed of technological change?

You can find the whole issue here:

Image: Early Virtual Reality tech (1800s-present) – stereograms, a lasting standard! Source: (Episode 28) Public Domain

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