It’s #Bakingmonday! Robber’s roast

Given we are all isolated and we have a lot of time on our hands that we can spend doing nice things around the house, we are launching a new social media campaign called #isolationbaking. Today’s recipe from our archives is:

Robber’s roast

Short ribs of pork, loin of beef, bacon/lard and onions are all cut in slices and salted. We broach all in turns, meat bacon and onions until everything is broached, then hold it over the glowing fire, turning the broach all the while, till the meat and bacon is shrunk and crisp outside and rather underdone in the middle. Before taking it off the broach we strew paprika over it and eat it on slice of bread. One must be careful so as the fire should not smoke.

This recipe comes from a circular letter to colleagues and friends of Carrie Chapman Catt, in which Rosa Manus asks to send her a page for a liber amicarum for Catt’s seventieth birthday on 9 January 1929 or to send a recipe or flower seeds for Catt’s ‘international garden’ and lists of names. Dutch, French and English. 1928.
It comes from the Atria archive, institute on gender equality and women’s history in the Netherlands.

You can find this and more recipes to try on Archives Portal Europe:

Picture from Picryl.

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