National Archive of Piacenza: online resources

The National Archive of Piacenza takes part in the MIBACT’s social media campaign #Istayathome (#iorestoacasa). As it is forcefully closed to the public for the next weeks, the archive intends to promote daily its services and heritage on its Facebook page ( among them the online resources available on YouTube ( and its website.

1) MAPS, PRINTS AND DRAWINGS. Mixed collection of 6.500 documents coming from different funds.
2) PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION. Looking at the city changing over time.
3) CEASED REAL ESTATE REGISTRY. More than 1500 historical real estate registry maps showing the changes in the area of the city and district of Piacenza.
4) PIACENZAPRIMOGENITA150. The website collects documents and data who tell the story of Piacenza and the role its people had during the Risorgimento’s battles and during the First World War.
5) PIACENZA DURING THE ’30s. Virtual exhibition on the urban and cultural development of a changing city during the ’30s.

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