Today in #Borders: Israel and Palestine

Borders today takes us to one of the most tragic conflicts of the contemporary world, between Israel and Palestine. The photographs by the Torrance family (Thomas, his son David, and his grandson Herbert), held at the University of Dundee Archive Services provide an outlook of the Middle East, and Palestine in particular, for over a century.

David Watt Torrance, son of Dr Thomas Torrance of Airdrie was educated at Glasgow University, graduating MB in 1883. He travelled to Palestine in 1884 and assisted in the inauguration of the Sea of Galilee Medical Mission. Following further training in Egypt, Damascus and Nazareth he returned in 1885 to Tiberias and opened the first hospital for those of any race or religion in two rooms near the Franciscan monastery. A move to Beit abu Shamnel abu Hannah preceded the opening of a new hospital with 24 beds and 6 cots in 1894. He died in Tiberias in 1923.

The collection provides a record of the main period of the British Mandate, the increasing rate of Jewish immigration and the impact of the State of Israel on the landscape.

Original caption: “General view of the shore of Lake Galilee, showing people washing clothes and cooking utensils and drawing water at the same spot.” (circa 1910)

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