A new national standard for archives: the UNI VADO norm

A new national standard for the archives sector has been published: the UNI VADO norm – full name: UNI 11769:2020 Applicazioni per i beni culturali (ABC) – Elementi per la valutazione di applicazioni per la descrizione e l’ordinamento d’archivio (VADO).

The UNI VADO norm identifies, measures and organically presents the characteristics that can be relevant in evaluating programs and softwares used to manage archives. Ultimately, this norm defines an analysis model for these products.

The UNI VADO norm wants to be a useful instrument to navigate the market for the people working in the archives sector. Thanks to it, users will be able to make an informed choice when buying archiving software; organisations will have a frame of reference when it comes to standards for developing or updating applications; and it also can be used as a tool for professional training in the field.

For all these reasons, the norm is intended for everyone working in the cultural heritage field: institutions, conservation institutes, archives, documentation centers, libraries, universities, professional and consumers unions.

You can buy the UNI VADO norm online at this address: http://store.uni.com/catalogo/uni-11769-2020.

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