Borders: the Vardøhus Fortress

The Vardøhus Fortress (Vardøhus festning) is located in Norway, by the border with Russia. An important fishery hub, the area was contended since the 1250s, and the first fortification was build in 1306. During the period from the beginning of the Second World War to the German invasion of Norway in 1940, the Fortress was an active unit and around 20 Finnish soldiers were interned at the fortress after being pushed across the border from Northern Finland by Soviet offensives. The Arkivverket (National Archives Norway) hold the archival material on the history of the fortress:—/type/fa/id/no-a1450-01000000008024/unitid/RAFA-3493_SLASH_D_SLASH_Db_SLASH_Dbd_SLASH_L1231_SLASH_0001/search/0/Vard%C3%B8hus+festning

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