#Borders: the Treaty of Amiens (1802)

#Borders is back with the Treaty of Amiens, signed during the French revolutionary wars between the Kingdom of Spain, the French Republic, and the Batavian Republic (today The Netherlands) on one side; and the United Kingdom on the other side. The Treaty of Amiens was dubbed by its signatories as the “Definitive Treaty of Peace” – however, peace only lasted one year and two months: from the 27th March 1802 to the 18 May 1803. Amongst the territorial negotiations, the two most interesting features were the restitution of Menorca to Spain, while Gibraltar would remain under British rule – the latter still a point of contention between Spain and the UK. The Archivo Histórico de la Nobleza in Spain holds the original copy of the treaty, signed by Joseph Bonaparte and Charles Cornwallis.

Explore the documents on Archives Portal Europe.

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