Register your institution to the Time Machine Project!

Archives Portal Europe is proud dissemination partner of the Time Machine Project, a EU-funded initiative with the joint goal of digitizing the entire European cultural heritage, stored in archives, libraries, museums, private collections, historical buildings.
It aims at creating the Big Data of the Past by revolutionising the development of new
technologies and the use of cultural heritage data. This comprises the advancement of an infrastructure and platform that includes a search engine giving access to the rich information about the continent and its history.

Just imagine how historical books and documents can not only be digitised quickly on a large-scale but could even more be read automatically!

Historical content will get transformed into digital  information and will be correlated automatically through Artificial Intelligence.
Open source tools allow for comprehensive and new ways of assessing and analysing historical information.
All of this will become possible when we all pull together!

How are we going to make this possible?
Within the past few months a group of more than 500 European institutions – 184 top research institutes, a huge representation from galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM), as well as leading large enterprises, innovative SMEs, public institutional bodies and strong civil society organisations – has developed a concrete and far-reaching plan that will make this ambition real within the next 10 years.

As governing framework for this great project, the Time Machine Organisation (TMO) was founded recently. This is our joint instrument in order to drive our vision forward and to ensure its sustainability and economic independence. You can find its manifesto here.
It enables its members to take part in projects and to benefit from new funding alternatives as well as open source tools, to support the free access to historical information and to proactively co-shape the future of cultural heritage related technologies.

We kindly invite you to become part of this unique alliance – Register your institution now!

Visit Time Machine’s website for further information:

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