Economic History Society Fellowships

London (UK), April 2020

The Economic History Society (EHS), in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), offers up to four one-year postdoctoral Fellowships in economic and/or social history, tenable at the Institute. Fellows will not be required to be resident in London but should participate in the activities of the Institute by attendance at – and the presentation of a paper to – an appropriate seminar series and by networking with fellow scholars.

It is important that applicants demonstrate that the research proposed in their applications is in the field of economic and/or social history, both broadly defined.

The Fellowship stipend will be £22,000 (an additional £2,000 will be paid for fellowships held in London institutions).  The stipend will be payable in four instalments through the Institute.

Complete applications must be received at the Institute of Historical Research no later than 3 April 2020.

For further information on eligibility, stipends, affiliations, visas and how to submit the application read more on the dedicated page on the EHS website.

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