Memories of Resistance members from Brest

Brest is one of very few municipalities who received the Resistance medal. This distinction pays tribute to the overall action of the Brest Resistance fighters who fought tirelessly from 1940 to 1944 against the Nazi occupier. Brest, labeled “City of art and history”, and its people are committed to collect, preserve and disseminate the identity of these women and men, heroes in the shadows, who sacrificed in the struggle for freedom.

After consulting the Brest Archives and the Heritage service in July 2018, the project for an Online Encyclopedia of the Brest Resistance was submitted to the municipality of Brest. Following several meetings with different city departments and consultation with elected officials, the latter was accepted and launched in August 2019.

The goal of the project is to create an online database as part of a participatory project that will include the families of the Resistance fighters as well as the various associations that work on this period. The team aims to complete this vast project by the 80th anniversary of the Liberation of Brest.

The digital archive is here:

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