Institutional Audiovisual Archives: the case of Radio Radicale

University of Genoa, Italy – 21 November 2019 h15:00-17:00

The University of Genoa in cooperation with Radio Radicale, the Radical Party’s radio,  are hosting a seminar dedicated to “Sound Archives and Audiovisual archives of the Parliament, the Institutions, Political Parties. The case of Radio Radicale“.

Radio Radicale is one of the most important private radios in Italy – while belonging to the Radical Party, it has also the mandate to broadcast the Italian Parliament session, and it is one of the “historical” voices of the Italian political life since 1976. For more information, Archives Portal Europe has material on it from the Historical Archives of the European Union, available at this link.

The conference will be held in Italian at the University of Genova (Aula Meridiana, via Balbi 5) and it is organised by Stefano Gardini, researcher in archival studies – for more information it is possible to get in touch with him directly

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