A report from the 24th ICARUS Convention in Belgrade, Serbia

The International Center for Archival Research (ICARUS) organized in Belgrade its 24th Convention, on the theme of Archives and Archival Research in Digital Surrounding, in cooperation with University of Belgrade and Historical Archives of Belgrade.

In three days (23rd – 25th September) over one hundred participants of the Convention had the opportunity to see more than forty presentations which covered various aspects of contemporary trends in the domains of archival researches and digitization of archival material. Besides presentations, guided tours through Historical Archives of Belgrade, National Library of Serbia and Audiovisual Archive and Digitization Center of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts allowed participants of the Convection to get acquainted with current activities and challenges of these institutions.

Presentations of major international projects and initiatives (like European Digital Treasures, The Time Machine Project, and Archival Portal Europe) were complemented with presentations and examples of development and successful implementation of digital tools in local institutions. Theoretical aspects and methodological concepts of implementation of digital technologies in archives were discussed as well.

New challenges and possibilities in development of Archival Portal Europe were presented to the participants on the third day of the Convention by Slobodan Mandic from Historical Archives of Belgrade. He presented new technological capacities available to the users in search of abundant and diverse material preserved on this Portal with examples how to use it while conducting a research of history of Belgrade, Serbia and South East Europe.

All participants of the Convention were given printed program and book with abstracts of presentations. The full texts of the presentations will be printed by the end of the year.

The presentation by Slobodan Mandic on Archives Portal Europe is available  here



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