About Time: Information through the lens of time and temporality

Borås (Sweden), 23 March 2020

Abstracts due on 30 November 2019

A one-day workshop during the 2020 iConference to be held in Borås (Sweden), on the 23rd March 2020.

Contributions should relate to the multi-faceted ways in which time and temporality are implicated in our understanding of information systems, policies, practices, institutions, or discourses. Time is relatively understudied notion in the field, and it cuts across and brings together otherwise disparate research traditions and interests in a fundamental way that demands further attention.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together information studies researchers, who are attending to notions of time and temporality in relation to information or who are about to develop research in this direction. The workshop intends to stimulate theoretical and subject-related development on the issue of time and temporality in the study of information, a complex and emerging field of study.

The theme of time/temporality and information includes, but is not limited to:

o Time as a structuring device for information practices and activities

o Information and different experiences of time

o The social acceleration of time and information work

o Temporal dimension of information systems

o Time and social order

o Information about time

o Theoretical and methodological issues pertaining to studies of time and


o Discourses of time and information

o Critical perspectives on time and information

o Generational aspects of information

o Cultural heritage and memory practices

o The temporalities of professional communication

o The temporalities of scholarly communication

NOTE: these are examples and other issues at the intersection of time/temporality and information are welcome.

Submission of  extended abstracts (700-1000 words, excl. references) should be done via email at about.time@hb.se and they will be peer-reviewed by at least two members of the organisation committee.

Organisation committee:

– Jutta Haider, Lund University & SSLIS, Sweden

– Veronica Johansson, SSLIS, Sweden

– Björn Hammarfelt, SSLIS, Sweden

– Pamela McKenzie, Western University, Canada

– Alison Hicks, UCL, UK

– Krista Lepik, Lund University Sweden & University of Tartu, Estland

– Nicole Dalmer, Trent University, Canada

Contact: jutta.haider@kultur.lu.se

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