100 years after the abolition of “marital permission”

Università Roma Tre – Dipartimento di scienze politiche (Rome), Italy
10-11 October 2019

Italy is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the abolition of the “marital permission” law (“Autorizzazione Maritale”), by which women would not sell or buy estate, own capitals, or engage in financial transactions of any sort without the husband’s consent (or other designated male member of the family). In 1919, the Radical MP Ettore Sacchi was able to get the law approved, which is now considered the only real reform on women’s conditions of pre-Fascist Italy: the law not only abolished marital permission, but granted women the right to access civil services jobs and chartered professions (albeit with many limitiations).

The Università di Rome Tre and the SISSCO (Società Italiana per lo Studio della Storia CONtemporanea) organised a seminar to explore the evolution of women’s conditions in Italy since the 19th century. More information and the full programme are available here

Archives Portal Europe holds records on the Autorizzazione Maritale, you can discover them at this link



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