Peer Review Transparency

Peer Review Transparency is an initiative of scholarly publishers, academic librarians, technology innovators, and thought leaders in scholarly communication, with support from the Open Society Foundations, to create agreed definitions of how peer review is conducted, and to disclose clearly and efficiently to readers the kind of review a published work has undergone.

The unique authority of scholarly works—whether journal articles or books, and whether in the sciences, humanities, the arts, or the humanistic social studies—derives from the painstaking prior review of works submitted for consideration by experts qualified to evaluate an author’s methods and arguments.

But peer review has historically been a “black box” phenemenon—one publishers conduct, but don’t describe or disclose – the Peer Review Transparency has conducted a series of enquires and organised conferences to produce a final report highlighting the problems and possible solutions for the future of the Peer Review Approach. You can find all the material on a dedicated website

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