Masterclass in “authorial” libraries

The National Library, Rome (Italy), 29-31 October 2019

A masterclass dedicated to the management of “authorial” libraries collections will take place at the National Library in Rome on the 29-31 October. This specialisation course is aimed at students and professionals working as archivists or librarians.

Private (and personal) authorial libraries are characterised by specific elements such as dedications, annotations, external material (such as postcards or newspaper articles) added to the volumes. Personal collections provide an overview of the literary taste and interests of their owner, his/her network  of intellectual relations, the cultural context in which s/he operated. The course aim to teach how to set up, manage, and promote these libraries, and how to relate them to personal archives, of which they are a constituent part.

Among the topics in programme: the establishment of the idea of authorial libraries between the 19th and 20th century; how to preserve them intact; acquisitions and donations on part of the heirs; management; the antiquarian market; relations with the archives; digitisation and digital projects.

The masterclass fee is 150 EUR; registrations are accepted until the 10th October. The course will be held in Italian. More information (in Italian) here



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