A new archive & portal for the industrial history of Venice

Two important places, physical and virtual, will preserve the industrial history of Venice:

firstly, the Federation of metallurgical workers – FIOM CGIL of Venice has opened its archives at the historic headquarters of the FIOM in Marghera, via Fincati 1. The collections, made available thanks to the collaboration with the IVESER (Venetian Institute for the history of the Resistance and of contemporary society),focus on the battles of the FIOM in favour of Venetian factory workers, including the the crisis in the metalworking industry of Porto Marghera, as well as the evolution of the industrial and economic models established in the rest of the province. The renovated headquarters, dedicated to the memory of the Venetian historian, Cesco Chinello and to the workers’ lawyer Emanuele Battain, will become a place for political debates, training, and, historical research on Labour movements. For more information on access:

Secondly, the IVESER has created the online portal www.fontimarghera100.it , an online guide to the archival sources of the history of Porto Marghera, one of the most important in the history of the Italian industrial history, created in 1917 by the nobleman Giuseppe Volpi at the beginning of the 20th century, and a fundamental presence in the economic, social, and cultural history of Venice, of Veneto, and of the entire country.

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