The ’60s – A youth in revolt “Δεκαετία του ’60, μια νεολαία σε εξέγερση”

The General State Archives of Greece (Γ.Α.Κ.), the Association for the Study of the History of the Leftist Youth (Ε.Μ.Ι.Α.Ν.), and the Centre for Modern History Research of Panteion University (Κ.Ε.Ν.Ι.) have organised the exhibition “60s, a youth in revolt”, on Thursday 27th June at the Central Office of the Archives. A guided tour of the archival material will take place at 7pm, followed by a roundtable and presentations. More information (in Greek) here

A report of the event from Katerina Zografou (GSA and Country Manager for Archives Portal Europe) is now available here

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