The Archives Portal Europe blog is written and maintained by the team and partners of the Archives Portal Europe Foundation.

Next to being a platform to promote the Archives Portal Europe and its rich content from all over the continent, the blog aims to cover all kinds of current archival issues from data standards and their interoperability via online discovery, open data and copyright questions to the broader context of technology within archives and the cultural heritage domain.

We also use the blog to share what is going on behind the scenes and to let you in on what we are talking and thinking about within the team and with our partners to improve the Archives Portal Europe and its various services. We will also report on events related to archives and the cultural heritage domain, the best context to pick up on new ideas and trends.

Each post will come with tags and some categorisation that you can use to navigate to blogs about particular topics as we add more posts step by step.

We are very happy to take posts from guest bloggers around the topics of this blog. Please get in touch if you are interested.